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Meade Mailing is proud to be a member of the Wilkes County Chamber of Commerce.

        In 1989, Lee Meade founded Meade Mailing, Inc. on the premise of providing area businesses, institutions, and private mailers the benefits of USPS First Class and Third Class mailing discounts.  Much has changed since then, both within the USPS, and Meade Mailing, Inc. as well.  Our volume has increased tremendously in the past seventeen years, from an initial quantity of 760,000+ mailpieces per year, to well in excess of five million per year.

       Some things haven't changed, and never will.  Our deep commitment to excellence in customer service is unwavering.  We strive to maintain a knowledgeable and highly-skilled staff who are as courteous as they are adept in their respective functions.  The simple concept of superior value is a welcome benefit shared by all of our customers and partners.

        Technology and regulations frequently change.  We continue to adapt to these changes while always remaining focused on our founding principles.   These are the reasons why our new customers become lifelong customers.